Top Real Estate Plastic Business Cards

Published October 9, 2023

Author: My Plastic Business Card

Real Estate Plastic Business Cards

Join us on a journey where plastic meets real estate and experience the magic of our exclusive plastic business cards designed for realtors who want to stand out!

We are not just creating plastic cards; we are creating golden opportunities to make an impression that sticks. With our meticulously crafted plastic business cards, you will be the talk of the town wherever you go!

So, are you ready to elevate your networking game? Embrace the power of plastic and unlock a world of endless possibilities for your real estate success.

10. Over The Moon – Translucent Plastic Business Card for Realtors

Translucent Plastic Business Card For Realtors

For Paul Luna’s cards, they decided a frosty Translucent Plastic Business Card would be a stylish and unique way to introduce themselves to high-profile real estate clientele.

As one of our most popular options, our translucent finish is the right amount of unique to help you stand out, without going overboard.

Without a white base layer, the printing is also slightly translucent for an awesome effect that lets light shine through the whole card.

9. Boss Beach – Glossy Plastic Business Card for Realtors

Glossy Plastic Business Card For Realtors

Mark Valerien of Beach Towne Realtors needed a vibrant, eye-catching card that would make waves in the industry! Sleek and shiny, our Glossy Plastic Business Cards are shore to do the job.

Included with our standard pricing, we used our crisp printing process to print the information on both sides of the cards. With the shine of the glossy finish and our state-of-the-art printing process, these colors truly jump off the cards.

Why be sad when you can be RAD with a set of Glossy Plastic Business Cards!

8. Spot On – Clear Plastic Business Card for Realtors

Clear Plastic Business Card For Realtors

Incorporating a captivating combination of printing and negative space, we were spot on when designing these Clear Plastic Business Cards for Braden Kusay of Property Spot!

Printing a fully opaque white base layer we created a peekaboo effect by letting the clear finish of the card shine through. 

Keeping certain areas without printing we used the negative space to create an awesome split of their location marker logo as a design element of the outer edges of the cards. 

Our printed colors are nice and saturated, making sure we hit all the tones from electric green to deep black.

7. Face to Face – Matte Plastic Business Cards for Realtors

Matte Plastic Business Cards For Realtors

As a realtor, Dayna Metz knows she’s not only selling homes, she’s selling her brand! Opting for custom Matte Finish Plastic Business Cards, she will have no problem closing her deals.

When you’re constantly face to face with clients, selling your brand is selling yourself. With our full color printing process, we printed Dayna’s professional headshot nice and crisp on the front of her cards. 

With our precision printing, we can fit tons of essential information on the cards without sacrificing the text’s readability or clarity.

Establish yourself in their mind and their pocket with custom plastic business cards!

6. Cream of the Krop – Matte Plastic Business Card for Realtors

Matte Plastic Business Card For Realtors

With the market constantly changing, Rob Krop knew he needed a set of Matte Plastic Business Cards with a timeless design to carry through every stage of his career!

A popular option for professionals, our matte finish provides a modern and upscale base for designs, especially in black.

Upgrading with a premium option, we stamped part of his name with silver foil for a reflective touch.

Making the most of our options, we also added the RE/MAX title in a UV spot gloss. Adding the spot gloss to a matte card adds contrast, and a subtle detail that reveals itself in different lighting.

5. As Good as Sold – Glossy Plastic Business Card for Realtors

Glossy Plastic Business Cards For Realtors

Wanting a variety of cards to hand out at different moments, Charlie Eiglarsh had us design a set of Glossy Plastic Business Cards to complement the metal cards we made for him!

When customers want to preserve metal cards for more VIP interactions, plastic cards are an amazingly affordable option that you can feel comfortable passing out more freely.

We used his signature blue to print the areas that are typically cut out in his metal cards, to preserve the design and keep his branding consistent. 

4. In the Clear – Clear Plastic Business Card for Realtors 

Clear Plastic Business Cards For Realtors

Bradleigh Patton of RT66 Home Team was very transparent with his desire to make an unforgettable first impression. It was clear to us that he was in need of custom Clear Plastic Business Cards!

Using our specialized clear PVC, the base of the cards is almost invisible, keeping attention directly on the content of the cards. 

Using a white printed base layer, the logo and contact information are nice and opaque, almost floating in the air.

It’s clear (literally) that these plastic business cards will make Bradleigh stand out!

3. Best on the Block – Matte Plastic Business Card for Realtors

Matte Plastic Business Cards For Real Estate

The real estate industry is saturated with endless amounts of the same boring paper cards. You better believe you’ll beach out the competition with these Matte Plastic Business Cards!

Opposite of glossy, the smooth matte finish allows the content to appear nice and bright without any sort of glare. The soft matte texture also feels great in-hands and provides an upscale experience.

Choosing a white background for the cards, their signature colors stay nice and vibrant while keeping the tone of the card light.

2. Living on the Edge – Matte Plastic Business Cards for Realtors

Matte Plastic Business Card For Real Estate

Cheri Peterson of RE/MAX Edge wanted to keep her branding classy, and what better way to do so than with custom Matte Plastic Business Cards!

Printing a matte black base, we create a negative effect with the contact information and balloon in a bright white.

To make sure to meet the RE/MAX branding standards, we used the signature red and blue to keep consistency throughout their different branches. 

1. Bon Voyage! – Glossy Plastic Luggage Tag for Realtors

Glossy Plastic Luggage Tag For Realtors

Create the perfect giveaway for your clients and wish them safe travels with a custom Plastic Luggage Tag!

Heather Kay of Keller Williams wanted to make sure she was armed with a custom piece that would not only make her stand out but was also functional for her clients. With our custom luggage tags your branding is on point and is a marketing tool guaranteed to travel wherever your client goes.

Vibrant full color printing ensures that the red logo is bright and crisp for a professional look.

With a viewing window included you can easily personalize the tag for each client or leave it to customize themselves.

The plastic string and PVC plastic are both light AND durable, making sure it thrives through any adventures.

Why settle when you can surpass expectations? Join Keller Williams and make waves in the business world like never before!

ATTENTION ALL REALTORS! Plastic Business Cards are the perfect tool to make you stand out to potential clients and to get more referrals.

Our team at My Plastic Business Card are experts at designing and creating custom real estate cards for professionals like you.

We make the type of business cards that sell multi-million-dollar properties and create lasting impressions on clients for years to come!

If you’re a realtor who’s looking to make an impact, our custom Plastic Business Cards are a great way to confidently and successfully market yourself.

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