Top Plastic Gift Cards for Small Business

Published November 6, 2023

Author: My Plastic Business Card

Top Plastic Gift Cards For Small Business

In the world of small businesses, making a lasting impression is paramount. It’s about creating an experience that resonates with customers and keeps them coming back for more. 

At the heart of this endeavor lies a simple yet powerful tool: the plastic gift card. Not just any gift card; we’re talking about something extraordinary that leaves an indelible mark on your customers’ minds.

We invite you to explore our showcase of unique and impressive plastic gift cards for small businesses, carefully crafted to help your small business stand out in a crowded marketplace.

10. Health is Wealth – Glossy Plastic Gift Card for Small Business

My Plastic Business Card | Glossy Plastic Gift Cards For Small Busines

HealthGAINS, a hormone therapy clinic, knew a great way to attract new clients and keep faithful ones coming back for more was through a gift card! Rather than settle for a digital gift card that gets lost in your email, we helped them spice it up with a custom glossy plastic card.

Matching their brand colors, our rich full color printing delivers a deep black background with bright and crisp red and white accents.

Straight and to the point, the logo and gift card amount are printed right on front for ease of use and bold branding.

With such an adaptable design HealthGAINS can easily reorder these same cards in different price increments for various occasions.

We’re here to gift you the ability to stand out with custom plastic gift cards!

9. Climb to Success – Glossy Plastic Membership Card for Small Business

My Plastic Business Card | Glossy Plastic Membership Card For Small Businesses

We’ve been working with the team at Sender One Climbing for many years and have loved watching their business grow to new heights! After creating the membership cards for their gym, they wanted to up the ante and bring in more clients with a custom free trial pass.

Our most popular option, our glossy plastic cards, offer a crisp shiny finish amplifying the printing.

Our detailed full color printing process allowed us to add 3 photo quality images to the front of the card, showing potential clients a look into the actual gym!

On the back side we left a white panel and space for important visitor contact information, and space below guidelines and policies.

Why be sad when you can be RAD with a set of Glossy Plastic Gift Cards!

8.  Swipe Your Stripe – Matte Plastic Gift Card for Small Business

My Plastic Business Card | Matte Plastic Gift Card For Small Businesses

The owners of Japanese restaurant edoko Omakase know that the way to their customers is through their stomachs, and their wallets! With luxury custom plastic gift cards, their customers will feel like high society and be more compelled to gift credit to their friends.

A popular option for high-class establishments, our matte finish provides a smooth and luxurious finish. Paired with black printing, these cards drip with class.

Upgrading the cards, double sided gold foil was added for a subtle yet ornate flourish. Foil is the perfect upgrade for a matte card, providing an impressive contrast between textures.

To add funds to their cards that coincides with their POS system and universal magnetic strip was added to the back and encoded for easy swiping.

7. No Pressure – Glossy Plastic Gift Card for Small Business

Glossy Plastic Gift Card For Small Business

What better way to attract clients than offering them an impressive plastic gift card that includes credit for your services? 

With a bright and glossy card and $25 OFF, Sunny Pressure Washing sure knows how to turn up the pressure to try out their business.

With our crisp clear printing, we can print small text, maximizing your space, and allowing for plenty of detailed information. 

These gift cards also double as a business card with the credit amount on one side, and their contact information and list of services on the other.

6. Simple and Sweet – Plastic Gift Card with Full Color Printing for Small Business

Plastic Gift Card With Full Color Printing For Small Business

We love supporting local small businesses, so creating these matte plastic gift cards for Smoove Shop was a real treat!

Opting for a matte finish, the soft and smooth surface was the perfect pairing with the full color photo of their decadent vanilla soft serve.

Instead of adding a dollar amount to their cards, they opted for a one free item offering. This simple method provides an easy experience for the user and business alike. 

Great as a purchased gift card, or as a promotional handout, these cards will have everyone screaming for ice cream!

5. Taylor’d Fit – Matte Plastic Gift Card for Small Business

Matte Plastic Gift Card For Small Business

Just like TaylorMade custom clubs, our custom plastic gift cards are tailor made to fit your business and make you stand out!

Sleek and professional, the gift cards we created for TaylorMade impressed with the matte black printing and cool grey text. 

With our available add-on options, they upgraded the look of their cards with a UV gloss varnish. Applied to select areas of the card, the UV gloss varnish adds a high shine coating highlighting important aspect of the card.

Adding white printed variable data, we printed individual codes onto each of the cards. This ensures each recipient has their own unique code, that cannot be reused.

Plastic gift cards are bound to be a real hole-in-one for your business!

4. Spa Day – Plastic Gift Cards for Small Business 

Plastic Gift Cards For Small Business

Rock Nails N Spa has the perfect treatment for amping up their gift card games, custom Plastic Gift Cards!

The full color printed front and back is nice and vibrant, matching their lively branding and design.

Gold foil stamping was added to the front and back to bring attention to their logo and the positive quotes they added.

Black printed variable data was chosen to add individual serial numbers to each card, which coincides with their POS system to keep track of the card amount/points.

Be good to yourself and your business with a set of custom plastic gift cards!

3. Bucking Bronco – Glossy Plastic Membership Card for Small Business

Glossy Plastic Membership Card For Small Business

When Bella Vista High School needed a high-quality card for their annual fundraiser cards, we saddled up for the challenge!

One of our most cost-effective options, the glossy plastic card, is popular for high quantity orders and mass production. The glossy surface works well with all graphics and provides a well-liked appearance.

For extra contrast we printed each side with a base of either black or white, matching the school colors and creating a striking effect.

With our precise printing process, we can get extra detailed and print multiple lines of text on the back for all the discount opportunities.

With these cards in hand the students at Bella Vista High School will be yelling YEE-HAW!

2. Elephant in the Room – Glossy Plastic Gift Cards for Small Business

Glossy Plastic Gift Cards For Small Business

Stand loud and proud with custom plastic gift cards for your small business! With high quality custom plastic cards, you’re displaying your commitment to quality and your cause.

The glossy finish is perfect for these red, white, and blue gift cards for GOP World. The super shiny appearance makes the patriotic colors shine loud and proud.

Straight and to the point these cards highlight the elephant logo large in the center, with the website underneath for easy navigation.

The gift card amount is listed in the top left corner, so their customer is never confused or questioning the value of the card being gifted to them.

1.  Pizza My Heart – Plastic Gift Card for Small Business 

Plastic Gift Card For Small Business

Wine and dine your faithful customers with a custom plastic gift card! PZA Grille & Bar knew the perfect way to keep their customers returning was with a gift card for a free treat during their next visit. 

The logo and terms of the offer are printed in bold black in the center of the card on opposing sides. A culinary inspired border in light blue helps draw attention to the information.

Using a scattered brick pattern, we blocked the edges of the card for a unique border and a visual effect making the design look like it is coming out from the wall. 

Make your customers an offer they can’t refuse with a custom plastic gift card!

ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS! Plastic Gift Cards are the perfect tool to make you stand, earn new clients, and keep existing ones returning for years to come. 

Our team at My Plastic Business Card are experts at designing and creating custom gift cards for professionals like you and your growing business.

If you’re a small business owner looking to make an impact, our custom Plastic Gift Cards are a great way to confidently and successfully market your business.

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