Top 8 Plastic Business Cards with QR Codes

Published August 22, 2022 | Last updated on May 15, 2023

Author: My Plastic Business Card

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A business card with a QR Code bridges the gap between print and digital media, creating a marketing juggernaut! Combine those elements with a custom designed Plastic Business Card, and you are guaranteed success.

We are always looking for new ways to keep you on the cutting edge, and have assembled a list of our Top Plastic Business Cards with QR Codes to share the endless capabilities and opportunities that await you and your own custom set of Plastic Business Cards:

8. Smart Move – Glossy Plastic Business Card With QR Code

Glossy Plastic Business Card - Myplasticbusinesscard

This Glossy Plastic Business Card loudly displays its QR code, inviting incoming passengers to download the prompted application!

The bright colors let the rather simplistic nature of this layout pop, displaying the QR code centered in classic black, channeling curiosity and leaving no questions as to what needs to be scanned. With this card getting straight to business, the limited information amplifies the effect and creates an effective and efficient process for new passengers!

 A QR code can act as a direct portal to important application, and more! Let your QR code speak for itself and get those clients scanning. 

7. Instant Results – Matte Plastic Card with QR Code

Matte Plastic Business Card - Myplasticbusinesscard

For Brian Dodge’s cards, he decided a premium Matte Plastic Business Card was the right choice to complement his QR code and share his information!

Making use of the available space, we used a clean black printing to apply the QR code to ensure legibility when scanned. Leaving no room to question, a sassy tagline and small “Scan Me” prompt were added to make sure no card is left un-scanned. To keep consistent with their branding, we used our crisp full color printing to artfully apply their various key colors from bold orange to crisp white.

From minimalist to maximalist a QR code serves every style!

6. Building Dreams – Luxury Builder Card with QR Code

Full Color Matte Business Card - Myplasticbusinesscard

Bart Stanek of Custom Luxury Builds wanted a sleek, custom card enhanced with a QR code!

Our Matte Plastic Business Cards have the perfect professional in-hands feel, similar to a satin paper and perfect to prevent glare when scanning an important QR code. Our full color printing is used to apply the subtle background honeycomb pattern. A buttery smooth gradient is also printed to create a soft delineation between the contact information and the QR code. With the business slogan across the bottom of the card, the design is unified by their brand promise.

An understated color palette with a clean QR code present a professional and intriguing prospect to the recipient!

5. Better Cards, Better Conversation

Qr Code Mate Plastic Business Card - Myplasticbusinesscard

Mike Burlingame from Tychron decided a cool gunmetal design with pops of teal was ideal for his custom Matte Plastic Business Cards! Priding themselves as a premier communication platform, they know that a QR code is an excellent way to maximize communication and engage with clients.

Using awesome textural printing techniques, we emulated a brushed gunmetal effect in tandem with a gradient spot pattern to create visual interest. To ensure the QR code stood out without becoming the focal point of the piece, it was applied in a contrasting black and white print in the lower right corner.

4. Double Down! (with QR Codes)

Qr Plastic Business Card - Myplasticbusinesscard

What better way to kick off your 30th anniversary celebration than with some brand new custom Matte Plastic Business Cards? Ramon Ponce of Mariachi Real De Mexico was ready to launch his group even further into the spotlight with not only one, but TWO QR codes!

When social media is so paramount when marketing a business in today’s society, making it easy for your clients to access your social is key to success. Rather than simply listing the URL and usernames for their sites, we made it even easier to access by simply scanning each QR code. Each code also contains the specific logo for each site to indicate where it will lead. Clean white printing in contrast to the black background combine to create a sleek professional look, while ensuring max legibility.

With double QR codes, you are doubling your spread of information!

3. Code To Discovery

Qr Code Matte Plastic Card - Myplasticbusinesscard

Priding themselves on combining artificial intelligence and humanity, a custom QR code helps Spectre Discovery bridge that gap in their daily practice. The combination of technology and client engagement is the perfect marriage to spread information. Wrap all of those elements up in a luxury Matte Plastic Business Card and you cannot be beat!

With limited information on the card, and the focus being on the QR code, we are encouraging discovery and urging your potential clientele to scan and learn more. Additional contact information is subtly applied to the card as another avenue of contact, and a delicate appearance.

Encourage discovery with a custom QR code!

2. QR Marks The Spot

Uv Gloss Qr Code Plastic Business Card - Myplasticbusinesscard

Marks Organix really pulled out all the stops when it comes to designing a custom Matte Plastic Business Card! Taking advantage of multiple upgrade options AND a QR code delivers a locked and loaded card ready to impress.  

Using our UV Spot Gloss on the matte finish we created a custom leaf pattern which will shine in different lighting! Leaning further into luxury, the company logo was applied using a fabulous Gold Foil process. Flipping the card over we get down to business, printing all of the important contact information in bright colors. We know that prioritizing efficiency is the key to sales, so this custom QR code leads directly to their products/ordering page, making it easy as ever to get their products delivered.

1. High Five, HAIJOE!

Matte Plastic Qr Business Card - Myplasticbusinesscard

Opting for our ever-popular Matte Plastic Business Cards, HAIJOE took full advantage of our full color printing with these exciting cards! Seeking to draw attention and create interest, a color and texture filled design with a QR code is the perfect portal of information. Created to link directly to their website, the QR code allows all the information to be accessible by a quick scan, and leaves room on the card for exciting design elements and well deserved accolades. 

With their excellency in stonework and masonry, we created a custom cobblestone pattern to frame the card and complement the pattern in their logo. With the contact information and logo on one side and the large QR code on the other, we are putting the entire real estate of the card to good use.

Build up your success with your own QR code!