Quick Plastic Bookmarks

Last updated on February 1, 2024

Author: My Plastic Business Card

Quick Plastic Bookmarks

At My Plastic Business Card, we believe in making a statement with every page you turn! That’s why we’re proud to present our newest offering: Quick Plastic Bookmarks.

These aren’t just bookmarks; they’re a unique way for your business to stand out and enhance the reader’s experience. Crafted with innovative production techniques and superior materials, they’re designed to be both eye-catching and efficient.

Perfect as a distinctive branding tool, giveaway or for personal use, our Quick Plastic Bookmarks will help your brand grow and leave a lasting impression. Elevate your reading and your brand with our stylish bookmarks.

Keep scrolling to uncover the exciting features and benefits of our Quick Plastic Bookmarks – you won’t want to miss this!

Quick Plastic Matte Bookmark

Quick Plastic Bookmarks – What’s Included?

We’re proud to offer our Quick Plastic Bookmarks in two distinct styles: 

  1. Matte Plastic
  2. Translucent Plastic 

With our advanced printing technology, we offer two-sided printing in a full spectrum of colors, resulting in ultra-clear and vivid imagery. 

Whether you prefer a sleek and subtle matte finish or a modern translucent look, our Quick Plastic Bookmarks are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives them.

Quick Plastic Translucent Bookmark

Our new Quick Plastic Bookmarks come standard with the following features: 

  • Pick from 2 Unique Plastic Options: Matte and Translucent
  • .76mm thick (credit card thickness)
  • 1.5 x 4” Dimensions
  • PVC Plastic
  • Front and Back Side Printing Included 
  • Rounded Corners 
  • 5 Business Day Production! 

Need them in hands fast? Upgrade to 48-hour or even 24-hour production!

Quick Plastic Matte Bookmarks

Explore Our 2 Quick Plastic Bookmark Options


Quick Plastic Matte Bookmark Full Color

Quick Plastic Bookmarks – an industry first from My Plastic Business Card – feature the same high-quality material as our plastic cards. Full-color and custom printed on both sides; these matte plastic bookmarks are ready-to-ship quick!

Custom Plastic Matte Bookmark

With 1.5 x 4” dimensions, these size up to most standard bookmarks, comfortably fitting in books of any shape and size. Featuring a sleek and smooth matte finish – similar to satin paper, you can be sure your bookmarks will stand out as a more premium option when faced up against standard cardboard bookmarks. 

Custom Plastic Matte Bookmarks

Our printing process is extremely durable which means your plastic bookmarks can be used repeatedly without showing signs of wear and tear, making them a more sustainable choice over the long term.


Quick Plastic Translucent Bookmarks

Made from a specialized PVC, our Quick Translucent Bookmarks come standard with printing on both sides. The translucent material is a real pager-turner and provides a unique backdrop for bold and creative designs, allowing for unique and visually striking bookmarks.

Quick Plastic Translucent Bookmark Full Color

With a White Base Printing included, we can create an awesome peekaboo effect! The White Base Printing offers an opaque layer to the bookmarks, which can be used to create see-through areas for a cool visual detail.

Custom Plastic Translucent Bookmark

The full color printing included with our Quick Plastic Translucent Bookmarks offers a stunning effect, leaving a slight opacity to the content, which lets the light shine through, illuminating your design!

Why Choose Plastic Bookmarks?

Plastic Translucent Bookmark

More durable than cardboard, plastic business bookmarks can withstand wear and tear from frequent handling. An ideal feature when they are being wedged in books that are tossed around in various bags and backpacks. They are also water-resistant, meaning they won’t be ruined if accidentally splashed or exposed to moisture.

Plastic Matte Bookmark

With a longer life than a typical cardboard bookmark, your Quick Plastic Bookmarks stick around saving you money and embarrassment by providing your clients with a quality offering that won’t fall apart.

Translucent Plastic Bookmark

The vibrant colors and high-quality print on our plastic bookmarks do not fade or smudge easily, ensuring that its visual appeal remains intact throughout its lifetime.

Who Should Purchase Quick Plastic Bookmarks?

Plastic Matte Custom Bookmark

Anyone! Plastic bookmarks are good for anyone looking for a durable, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing way to mark their place in a book. However, Quick Plastic Bookmarks are especially beneficial to:

  • Book Clubs and Libraries: These organizations can use plastic bookmarks as promotional items, for event giveaways or as practical tools for members and visitors. Custom designs can feature logos, slogans, or special themes.
  • Businesses for Branding: Companies can use custom-designed plastic bookmarks as unique promotional items that offer a practical use! They can be given away at events, conferences, or included in customer orders.
  • Authors and Publishers: For book launches or marketing purposes, authors and publishers can create custom bookmarks related to specific books or series, offering them as merchandise or giveaways.
  • Gift Givers: Plastic bookmarks make thoughtful and practical gifts for book lovers, especially when customized with designs that reflect the recipient’s interests or personality.
  • Students: Plastic bookmarks are ideal for students who need to keep track of multiple books or textbooks. Their durability makes them practical for daily use.

Why My Plastic Business Card?

Plastic Bookmark Translucent Color

We’re here to help you, period. Our team will ensure that every aspect of your experience is above your expectations. Quality artwork, quick turn-around, personal attention, and market impact are just a few of the quality features you’ll experience with My Plastic Business Card.

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Custom Plastic Bookmark